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Michael Hentscher



  • Better J, Lin H-T,Cowen JP, Hentscher M, Amend J (2013): Energy yields from chemolithotrophic metabolisms in igneous basement of the Juan de Fuca ridge flank system. Chemical Geology 337-338, 11-19.
  • Hentscher M , Bach W (2011): Geochemically induced shifts in catabolic energy yields explain past ecological changes of diffuse vents in the East Pacific Rise 9°50’N area. Geochemical Transactions 13, 2.
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  • Klevenz V, Bach W, Schmidt K, Hentscher M, Koschinsky A, Petersen S (2011): Geochemistry of vent fluid particles formed during initial hydrothermal fluid-seawater mixing along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 12, 23.
  • Perner M, Hentscher M,Rychlik N, Seifert R, Strauss H, Bach W (2011): Driving forces behind the biotope structures in two low-temperature hydrothermal venting sites on the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Environmental Microbiology Reports 3, 727–737.
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  • Dellwig O, Bosselmann K, Kölsch S, Hentscher M, Hinrichs J, Böttcher M, Reuter R, Brumsack H-J (2007): Sources and fate of manganese in a tidal basin of the German Wadden Sea. Journal of Sea Research 57, 1–18.

  • Selected Abstracts

    • Hentscher M, Bach W, Perner M, Koschinsky A, Garbe-Schönberg D, Amend JP (2009): Energetics of catabolic reactions in diffuse hydrothermal fluids – Clues to subseafloor microbial metabolism. Goldschmidt Conference 2009, Davos.
    • Hentscher M, Bach W, Amend JP, Mccollum TM (2009): Hydrothermal mixing – Fuel for life in the deep-sea. Geophysical Research Abstracts 11, (EGU2009-10443).
    • Bach W, Hentscher M (2009): Submarine water-rock interactions and microbial life: a theoretical approach. Geophysical Research Abstracts 11, (EGU2009-11199).
    • Hentscher M, Klein F, Bach W (2007): Potential of organosynthesis in ultramafic hosted systems. Workshop SPP 1144, Etelsen.
    • Hentscher M, Bach W (2007): On the affinity of organic synthesis reactions in ultramafic rock hosted submarine hydrothermal systems. Terra Nostra – Schriften der GeoUnion, Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung 2007/1-2, p. 124.

    Doctorate thesis

    • Hentscher M (2012): Thermodynamic investigations of microbial metabolism and abiotic organic synthesis in seafloor hydrothermal systems. PhD Thesis, Univ. of Bremen, p.103. http://nbn-

    Diploma thesis

    • Hektischer M (2004): Verhalten von Spurenmetallen in der Wassersäule des zentralen Rückseitenwatts der Insel Spiekeroog. Diploma Thesis (unpublished), p. 90 (+ Suppe.).