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Janis Thal

Ph.D project

Systematic analysis of bathymetry combined with video recordings, rock analysis and temperature measurements produce comprehensive maps of the geological structures manifest on the seafloor. Detailed seafloor mapping is a necessity to combine fluid, rock and sediment samples as well as biologic studies. Bathymetry with state-of-the-art multibeam echosounders mounted on research vessels or AUVs enable, in combination with high-resolution video recordings from ROVs, an identification of meter-scale seafloor structures. Geographic information systems are used to handle the amount of data and to analyze systematics.

This thesis is based on three different locations:
PACManus is a hydrothermal active area in the eastern Manus Basin, an opening back-arc basin in Papua New Guinea. PACManus is situated in 1600-1800m water depth on a neo volcanic ridge (Pual Ridge) dominated by felsic volcanism.
North Su is an active strato volcano in the eastern Manus Basin. Black and white smoker hydrothermal activity exists near the summit as well as discharge sites of fluid, native sulfur.
North Pond is an isolated, northeast-trending, ~8 km × 15 km sediment pond located on the western flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) at 22°45′N and 46°05′W (Figs. F1, F2). Sediment thickness ranges up to a maximum of 300 m at the southernmost part of the pond. North Pond is bounded to the east and west by basement ridges as high as 2 km.


  • 03/2006: FS Meteor 67/2a - Caribbean Sea, Cristobal - Tampico,
    Chief scientist: Prof. G. Bohrmann (MARUM, University of Bremen)
  • 05/2008: FS Poseidon 366/1 Northwest African shelf, Las Palmas – Las Palmas,
    Chief scientist: PD Dr. Sabine Kasten (AWI Bremerhaven)
  • 08/2010: FS Poseidon 402 – Mid Atlantic, Ponta Delgada – Ponta Delgada,
    Chief scientist: Dr. Christian Borowski (Max Planck Institute Bremen)
  • 06-07/2011: FS Sonne 216 – Manus Basin, Townsville – Madang,
    Chief scientist: Prof. W. Bach (University of Bremen)
  • 04-05/2012: FS Maria S. Merian 20/5 – Mid Atlantic Freeport – St. John’s
    Chief scientist: Prof. W. Bach (University of Bremen)
  • 12/2016-01/2017: SO253 - Kermadec Arc, Nouméa (New Caledonia) - Auckland (New Zealand)
    Chief scientist: Andrea Koschinsky (Jacobs University, Bremen)

Curriculum vitae

  • 2003 - 2006: B.Sc. Geosciences, University of Bremen
    Thesis: Characterisation of the minerology and geochemistry of authigenic seep-carbonates from the Black Sea
  • 2007: Erasmus exchange student at the University of Iceland, Reyjavik
  • 2006 - 2010: M.Sc. Geosciences, University of Bremen
    Thesis: Relationships between surface structures and submarine lava flows at the PACMANUS hydrothermal field, Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea
  • 2010: Scientific assistant at the research group: petrology of the ocean crust, University of Bremen
  • 2011 - 2014: Ph.D. student at the research group "Petrology of the ocean crust", University of Bremen
    Thesis: High-resolution geologic mapping of seafloor structures and identification of structural systematics.
  • 2014: Dr. rer. nat. in Geosciences, University of Bremen

Research interests:

  • Geological mapping of the seafloor
  • Marine Geology
  • Black Smokers
  • Submarine volcanism
  • GIS applications
  • Bathymetry


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Conference Abstracts

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