Shipping address

Postal address
Klagenfurter Straße 2-4, GEO Building 
28359 Bremen
Postfach 330 440 
28334 Bremen

Tel: +49 (0)421-218-65401 
Fax: +49 (0)421-218-65429

Map of Bremen University

Route planner: Google Maps

By train:

  • Exit main station in direction "Centrum"
  • Take tram number 6 direction "Universität"
  • Disembark from tram at stop "Universität -Zentralbereich". Follow tram lines under bridge
  • The GEO building is on your left (to the west). Enter building either from the western side (follow stairs to main level, turn right at the red Mensa building), or from the northern side (through Betriebshof at street level; open door by pushing the big red button and walk straight to the elevator)

By car:

  • From the Autobahn in direction Bremerhaven, take exit "Horn/Lehe" and follow signs to "Universität". At traffic lights turn right towards "Müllverbrennungsanlage"
  • To park (0.70 Euro per day, no change given): Turn left into road "Leobener Straße", a few hundred meters behind the huge microgravity tower. After hundred meters the car park entrance is on your left. After parking, pass the "Energiezentrale". The back entrance to the GEO building is on your right side.
  • To drive right to Institute: Turn left into road (Klagenfurter Straße) where the tram lines run, the institute is on your right where the road doubles back on itself
  • Enter building from the northern side facing you (street level), or from the western side (main level, near Mensa)

Once in the GEO building (congratulations!) take the silver lift to the top floor. When exiting the lift go right around the atrium. You will find the secretary in room 5330, the staff in adjacent rooms.

Blick auf das Geo-Gebaeude

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